La Magie des Cartes



Despite its name, La Magie des Cartes, is an English book. It was penned by Frenchman Etienne Pradier, who has lived in the UK for over 20 years, and who has become one of the UK’s most successful professional magicians.

While Etienne has previously released a number of sets of lecture notes (all of which contain some great magic), this is Etienne’s first major book. It contains a collection of card tricks, plus some very useful information and advice for working magicians. Etienne is a true worker and this shows both in his magic and in his advice.

All of the effects are from Etienne’s professional repertoire and all the tips hints and pieces of advice are from his experience of performing in the ’real world’. So here you get lots of great professional and highly commercial routines as well as some very sage advice and hilarious stories from the life of a very busy working Magician.

Included are effects such as a stunning take on the torn and restored card, a wonderful finale for the Cavorting Aces, a delightfully simple change effect of Kings to Aces, an amazing four Ace routine and so much more. If you perform card magic for real audiences, we think that you couldn’t go far wrong learning from Etienne Pradier.

Pages 148 – Soft Cover, Photo illustrated

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